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A Woman's Guide to Her Perfect Divorce and Relaunch


— C HA P T E R 1 —
The Big Question: Are You Sure You Want to Get Divorced?

The first question I ask any client who walks into my office for an initial consultation is “Are you sure you want to get divorced?” If clients hesitate for even a second, I tell them to go home and first consult with a therapist. Why did I just tell a potential paying client to leave my office? Because divorce is not fun. It is emotionally and financially exhausting. You need to be sure this is what you want to do before you go down that path. It is not an easy thing to come back from, and you want to be sure you have done whatever you can to save the marriage before taking this life-altering step. While life is full of regrets (and when you are sitting in my office, the idea of your marriage to your spouse might be one of them), you do not want to ever feel any remorse about the decision to divorce. So if you can answer my question with a resounding yes, then I encourage you to keep reading.